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Join the #eDrumnation - Show Your Beat, Win the Spotlight!

Welcome to the #eDrumnation, where rhythm and innovation collide in a celebration of electronic drumming talent! Whether you're a seasoned e-drummer or just starting your rhythmic journey, this is your chance to shine.


How It Works:

  • Record Your Groove: Set up your electronic drum kit and let your creativity flow. Record a video showcasing your best beats and rhythm.
  • Tag, Follow, and Share: Share your video on your social media accounts using the hashtag #eDrumnation. Follow all of Edrumcenter's social media channels. Don't forget to tag us @edrumcenter so we can witness your skill firsthand!
  • Win the Spotlight: Stand a chance to be featured on our official social media channels, website, and in the hearts of drumming enthusiasts worldwide. Plus, there are exciting prizes for participating. 

Why Join:

  • Connect with the Community: Be a part of a global community of drummers, musicians, and rhythm enthusiasts who share your passion.
  • Showcase Your Talent: Put your electronic drumming skills in the limelight and get recognized for your unique style.
  • Awesome Prizes: Apart from the glory, several random winners will receive sick prizes from ATV, DW, EFNOTE, Hawk, Mapex, Pearl, Roland, Tama, and Yamaha as a token of our appreciation. Prize details below.
  • Winners will be drawn at random so anyone can win! Submissions must be in by October 31st. Drawing for prizes is November 15th. 

Spread the Beat:

Help us spread the rhythm by sharing the #eDrumnation hashtag with your friends, family, and fellow musicians. The more drummers, the merrier!

Ready to let your beats electrify the world? Join the #eDrumnation and make your mark on the global stage. Let's drum up some excitement together! 

Edrumcenter in collaboration with our vendors have come up with an awesome list of prizes. 


  • Hawk Custom 5 Pc. ShellPack
  • Roland SPD-SX PRO Samplepad
  • ATV AD-C16 16" Ecymbal 
  • 2 Tama Drum Hardware Packs 
  • Yamaha FGDP-30 Finger Drum
  • Toontrack EZdrummer3 Software License
  • EFNOTE 17" SFX Cymbal and Efnote T-Shirt
  • One NUX DA30 Edrum Amp
  • DW 50th Anniversary Single Pedal 
  • Mapex P600DTW Double Kick Pedal 
  • Pearl P930 Kick Pedal 
  • 10 Edrumcenter Shirts 
  • 12 Pairs of Vic Firth Drum Sticks 
  • 12 Pairs of Promark Sticks 
  • Two ( One for two different people ) - $100 Edrumcenter Gift Cards 
  • 100 ( One for a hundred different customers ) $25 Off Edrumcenter Coupon Codes

Winners will be drawn at random so anyone can win! Submissions must be in by October 31st. Drawing for prizes is November 15th. 

Fine Print: Must be 18 or over to qualify for prizes. Must be in a country we ship to win a prize. Must be you playing in the video. Submissions need to be posted to commonly used and easily checked social media platforms. Examples are Facebook/Meta, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. Video must be at least 30 seconds and we need to be able to tell who is in the video and how to contact you in case you win. 

Got questions? Contact us at or use our live chat feature.