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ATV aD-K18 18" Electronic Kick Drum -

ATV aD-K18 18" Electronic Kick Drum


  • $859.00

The ATV aD-K18 is an 18" electronic kick drum with a mesh head for quiet play. It comes in a Black Lacquer finish and looks fantastic. The ATV kick drum works with ATV, Pearl Mimic, and Roland modules. Its a great looking kick that works well. It works with pretty anything we have tested. The feel is good and it never misses a trigger/hit. We recommend getting kick patch that matches your kick pedal to dramatically increase longevity. We also do not recommend using felt kick beaters on any mesh head drum as that will wear through your head much faster. Plastic or wood are recommended for beater type. For even quieter playing stuff with a pillow or blankets. 

Kick Pedal Not Included. 

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