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ATV aD-S13 13" Electronic Snare Drum -

ATV aD-S13 13" Electronic Snare Drum


  • $449.00

The ATV aD-S13 is a 13" electronic snare drum with a mesh head that both works and looks great. The aD-S13 is fully compatible with the ATV AD5 electronic drum module. It also works with Pearls Mimic Pro and Roland's TD-50 and TD-30 electronic drum modules. This is would be a great looking and feeling update to an older kit with a compatible module. 

  • Quality Mesh Head
  • 13" Diameter
  • Works with all the top Edrum modules
  • Cross Sticking with AD5
  • TRS to TRS Cable is Optional 
  • Requires an optional snare stand

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