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ATV aD-S13 13" Electronic Snare Drum -

ATV aD-S13 13" Electronic Snare Drum


  • $525.00

ATV is no longer available in the USA. We may have something else that will work for you contact us for recommendations. 

The ATV aD-S13 is a 13" electronic snare drum with a mesh head that both works and looks great. The aD-S13 is fully compatible with the ATV AD5 electronic drum module. It also works with Pearls Mimic Pro and most newer Roland modules. However it does not do positional sensing with compatible Roland modules. 

  • Mesh Head
  • 13" Diameter
  • Great looking Edrum
  • Works with all the top Edrum modules
  • Cross Sticking works best with AD5
  • TRS to TRS Cable is Optional 
  • Requires an optional snare stand

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