ATV aDrums Expanded Kit with AD5 Module -

ATV aDrums Expanded Kit with AD5 Module

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ATV is not available for purchase in the USA right now, this page remains for reference only.  Please contact us for recommendations on gear we sell that is available. 

ATV 's current flagship kit is the aDrums Expanded electronic drum kit with AD5 Module. This kit has all mesh heads, excellent electronic cymbals, great looks, and professional hardware. The AD5 module has great sounds and dynamics. For drummers that want to play drums and have a good  experience without much fuss this is a great option. These kits also look more like an acoustic set  because of the drum sizes than traditional Edrums so you get the illusion almost of playing an acoustic kit. Its also great for fooling traditional audiences while controlling the stage volume. The Expanded Kits are the best seller.

Need additional hardware? Contact us for package deal. We sell DW, Muzzio, Pearl, Roland, Tama, Trick and more. We also sell headphones, sticks, and speaker systems. Yamaha DBR speakers are a very good value for an Edrum monitor. Contact us for the best prices around all your Edrumming needs. 

Expanded Set aD5 Pack Contents

-aD5 Sound Instrument
-ADA-BSPACK (Basic Pack)

  • aD-K18 Kick
  • aD-S13 Snare
  • aD-T10 Rack Tom
  • aD-T13 Floor Tom
  • aD-H14 Hi-Hat
  • aD-C16 Crash
  • aD-C18 Ride

-ADA-HWPACK (Hardware Pack)

  • ADA-SS Snare Stand
  • ADA-TCS Tom/Cymbal Stand
  • ADA-CS Cymbal Stand
  • ADA-MPC aD5 Mount
  • ADA-EXPACK (Expand Pack)
  • aD-T10 Rack Tom
  • aD-C16 Crash
  • ADA-TCS Tom/Cymbal Stand

Watch Mike Snyder from ATV demo the aDrums and the AD5 module at Summer NAMM 2017.