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ATV EXS-3CY Electronic Drum Kit

ATV EXS-3CY Electronic Drum Kit

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The ATV EXS-3CY is a electronic drum kit with all mesh pads and great electronic cymbals. This kit blows away anything else in it's price range. The XD-3 drum module sounds and triggers great and is also very simple and easy to use. All the drums use mesh and feature ATV's 3 trigger system which virtually eliminates hot spots. The kick drum is also mesh and has a full 10" surface so it works well with almost any kick pedal. The cymbals are are all 360 degree triggering and choking. The hi hat uses an optical system that gives you crisp and accurate open/close performance. 

 The EXS-3CY includes:

  • ATV xD3 sound module which uses real drum and cymbal samples
  • 10" mesh kick drum
  • 10" mesh snare drum
  • 3 x 10" mesh toms
  • 12" ATV optical hi hat.
  • 12" electronic ATV crash x 2
  • 14" ATV AD-C14 electronic ride cymbal
  • The pictured rack system and a drum key.  
  • Click here for an interactive sound demo of the XD-3
  • 2 Year US Support and Warranty

Kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, drum throne, and headphones are not included. Some customers need these and some don't. If you need them we can create a custom package that takes into consideration your individual needs.