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ATV EXS-5SK Artist Electronic Drum Kit

ATV EXS-5SK Artist Electronic Drum Kit

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The ATV EXS-5SK Artist is a new configuration for 2022. It takes the already great EXS-5 kit and gives a boost by adding the larger ATV Artist snare and kick drum. This is a great looking and feeling electronic drum kit that stands out in it's price range. It triggers well, sounds good, and looks good. 

What you get with the EXS-5SK Artist:

  • ATV xD3 Sound Module that uses great drum and cymbal samples
  • 18" AD-K18 Kick Drum 
  • 13" AD-S13 Snare Drum 
  • 2 x XD-T10 10" Mesh mounted toms 
  • 13" XD-T13 Mesh Floor Tom
  • 14" ATV AD-H14 Hi-Hat
  • 2 x 14" AD-C14 ATV Crash Cymbals
  • 16" ATV AD-C16 Ride Cymbal
  • XDR600 Drum Rack
  • ADA-SS Snare Stand

Kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, drum throne, and headphones are not included. If you need them we can create a custom package for you that takes into consideration your individual needs. Contact us now!