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Drum Workshop 5000AD4 Accelerator Drive Kick Pedal

Drum Workshop 5000AD4 Accelerator Drive Kick Pedal

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The DW 5000AD4 is a Accelerator Drive single kick pedal.

  • Dual-chain Accelerator (offset) Sprocket
  • Legendary dependability
  • Dual Bearing Spring Rocker 
  • Rubberized Tri-pivot Toe Clamp 
  • Textured, non-skid rubber base plate 
  • Reversible DW beater 

The Accelerator™ (AD4, AX) drive system offers an eccentric motion that creates an indirect relationship between the sprocket and the footboard, increasing the velocity of the pedal by shortening the length of the stroke. It is recommended for situations that require increased speed and sensitivity.