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DW 9399AL heavy duty airlift Tom/Snare stand

DW 9399AL heavy duty airlift Tom/Snare stand

Drum Workshop

  • $229.99

The Drum Workshop 9399AL specializes in securely cradling rack toms by offering increased isolation and resonance via specially-designed Neoprene pads. These soft pads act as a cushion between the basket’s crutch tips and the drum’s counter hoop, while gripping tightly for stable, solid play. The stand also offers a patented removable, offset basket for easy positioning and quick snare changes. The larger footprint is courtesy of a Mega-Tripod™ base that gives the 9399 the largest footprint of any DW snare stand. The result is a heavy-duty, road-worthy stand that gently supports rack toms and snare drums like never before. Fits 10-16" sanre drums. 

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