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Efnote-7 Module Only

Efnote-7 Module Only

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The Efnote 7 Drum Module is an exceptional electronic percussion device that brings a world of possibilities to drummers and music enthusiasts alike. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, this cutting-edge drum module revolutionizes the way drummers create and perform. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Efnote 7 Drum Module offers an extensive library of high-quality drum sounds, meticulously sampled from a wide range of acoustic drums, electronic kits, and exotic percussion instruments. Each sound is captured with exceptional clarity, ensuring an authentic and immersive drumming experience. The focus here is usable sounds so you will not have half your module full of unusable sounds. Pretty much everything is something you would want to use. Features a clean easy to navigate User Interface with intuitive controls. In addition to its remarkable sound capabilities, the Efnote 7 Drum Module incorporates advanced performance features that elevate drumming to new heights. It offers a variety of built-in practice tools, including metronome, play-along tracks, and recording functionality, enabling drummers to sharpen their skills and unleash their creativity. It provides a range of connectivity options, including MIDI, USB, and audio outputs, ensuring seamless integration with other music production equipment and software.

Overall, the Efnote 7 Drum Module is a game-changer in the world of electronic percussion. It combines exceptional sound quality, versatility, and user-friendly functionality, empowering drummers to push their creative boundaries and deliver outstanding performances in any musical genre or setting.

  • Ultra-small form factor 
  • Metal chassis and aluminum finish
  • High quality DAC and audio circuit
  • High power headphone amplifier
  • Touch screen intuitive user interface
  • Low latency, wide dynamic-range, consistent and stable sensing
  • Optimized for EFNOTE multi-sensor drum/cymbal/hi-hat pads
  • Full stereo acoustic drum/cymbal samples recorded by EFNOTE using Tru-Aco™ sound technology provides real drum/cymbal sound behaviors
  • Multi-function metronome with beat LED indicator and speaker for daily training without headphones
  • On-board drum recording function (15 tracks)
  • Stroke Analyzer
  • Rhythm Box feature provides over 90 basic drum beats
  • USB 8-ch individual audio outputs with Mac / Windows (ASIO)
  • USB 2-ch audio inputs for playback
  • Analog 4-ch audio outputs
  • MIDI output (5-pin DIN)
  • Tuning, Muffling, 2-band EQs for each pad
  • Pad layer function can overlay two sounds
  • User Inst Library enables you to store 128 customized instruments
  • On-board reverb
  • Dedicated level control screen
  • Bluetooth audio-in provides you to play along with Spotify™ / YouTube™ with your smartphone
  • Bluetooth MIDI
  • EFNOTE Tools App for control remotely
  • Comes with module mount and cable harnesses and power supply

NOTE: this is just the Efnote-7 drum module not the full kit.