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Efnote Pro 506 Progressive Kit

Efnote Pro 506 Progressive Kit

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Efnote Pro 506 Progressive Kit. This is the Efnote-500 kit but with an extra 18" crash, an extra 18" China Cymbal, an extra 13" floor tom, and extra 8" mounted tom, an extra 8" splash cymbal, and a 17" SFX cymbal. It also comes with the extra stands and mounts for the additional drums and cymbals.

What it comes with:

  • Efnote Pro Module with mounting hardware
  • 14" optical hi hats with 360 degree triggering and bell zone
  • Cool looking 17" SFX cymbal. 3 zone triggering on edge, functional bell zone! 
  • 3 zone 16" crash with 360 triggering and bell zone
  • 2 x 18" crash rides that are 3 zone and have functional bell zones. 360 degree triggering
  • 8" splash cymbal 
  • 18" china with 3 zones ( bow, bell, edge ) triggers 360 degrees around cymbal
  • 12" dual zone snare drum with mesh head. Has a slick cross stick sensor that is mounted to side of the snare drum.
  • 8" and 10" mounted toms with mesh heads. Dual trigger head and rim. Comes with mounting hardware for both. 
  • 12" and 13" floor toms with mesh heads. Also dual zone ( head, rim ). 
  • 16" kick drum with mesh head. Comes with kick patches and riser
  • 5 x Cymbal Boom Stands with cable management
  • double braced snare stand 

Kick pedal and hi hat stand are sold separately.