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Gruv-X Arc Drum Trigger

Gruv-X Arc Drum Trigger

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Introducing the Gruv-X Arc: Elevate Your Electronic e-Drumming with e-Drumcenter!

At Edrumcenter, we are proud to represent the innovative Gruv-X company and introduce their revolutionary product, the Gruv-X Arc. Designed to address the shortcomings of popular clip-on trigger pads, the Arc promises to be a game-changer. 

Russ Miller and Gruv-X designed the Arc with a strong focus on solving common issues like cross-talk, feel, dynamic range, bulkiness, build quality, and compatibility across all electronic drum brands, the Gruv-X Arc is the solution you've been waiting for.

By implementing a groundbreaking displacement sensing technology, the Arc ensures accurate detection of hits while eliminating interference from other drum vibrations, like rim shots. This guarantees an authentic and seamless drumming experience.

The Arc features the "Mono-Mounts" proprietary mounting system, well-known from Gruv-X's renowned X-Click product line. These mounts offer an elegant and low-profile setup around your drum kit, providing seamless integration with your electronic drums. Additionally, a cymbal stand mount option further enhances versatility. Through rigorous testing and material exploration, the Arc's silicon design delivers exceptional sensitivity and dynamic range, elevating your drumming performance to new heights. To ensure reliability, the Arc's machined aluminum body is proudly made in the USA.

Join us on this thrilling journey as Edrumcenter presents the Gruv-X Arc, a true innovation that will redefine electronic drumming and set a new industry standard. Unleash your creativity and experience the future of drumming technology with the Gruv-X Arc!

  • Vibration Resistant Technology
  • Superior Dynamic Range and Feel
  • Compatible with All Popular Electronic Brands
  • Roadworthy Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  • Low Profile Design with Multiple Mounting Options
  • Made in USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty