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Pearl EM53T e/Traditional Electronic Drum Kit


  • $3,999.00

Pearl EM53T Emerge e/Traditional Electronic Drum Kit. This is the version with the smaller kick drum.  The module and triggers were designed by Korg using wavedrum technology. these are now in stock and ready to ship. 

EM-53T - e/TRaditional components

  • EM-14S 14” PUREtouch Snare Drum Pad
  • EM-10T 10” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
  • EM-12T  12” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
  • EM-14T 14” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
  • EM-KCPC PUREtouch Kick Pad, Complete
  • EM-14HH 14” PUREtouch Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad Set
  • EM-15C 15” PUREtouch Crash Cymbal Pad
  • EM-18R 18” PUREtouch Ride Cymbal Pad
  • EM-MDL1 Electronic Drum Module
  • DR-80EM Icon e-Rack System
  • CH-830ES Cymbal Holder, Short Boom qty 2
  • S-830 Snare Stand
  • TH-70E Tom Holder qty 3
  • PCR-50L Module Clamp



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