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Roland CY-18DR 18" Digital Electronic Ride Cymbal


  • $479.99

The Roland CY-18DR is an 18" digital electronic ride cymbal. The CY-18DR is really good. Imagine a large electronic ride cymbal that picks up literally everything you do as a drummer. Imagine it being quiet enough to practice with and able to sound like anything while hooked up to the Roland TD-50 module. Imagine the ability to record drums really easily via USB and making a ton of money for playing drums. Its all possible with this ride cymbal. One of the coolest new features lets you mute the sound with a finger-touch by simply touching the bell or bow of the cymbal with a finger or palm, you can mute the cymbal sound (with natural carryover decay, ) just as you would with an acoustic ride cymbal. To use CY-18DR, it must be paired with the processing power and digital trigger inputs of Roland’s new flagship TD-50 sound module. In combo with the TD-50 module’s advanced engine, the CY-18DR delivers ultra-realistic performance never before achieved with any cymbal pad. TD-50DP's are shipping as are TD-50K and TD-50KV drum kits. 

  • Works with TD-50 module digital input
  • Best dynamics of any electronic ride
  • Touch sensors allow easy realistic cymbal muting
  • 18" diameter makes it ideal for use as a ride cymbal 
  • Comes with USB Cable





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