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Roland KD-220BC Electronic Kick Drum


  • $1,549.99

The new KD-220BC is a 22" electronic kick drum. It feels and triggers great and matches the rest of the shells of the TD-50KV. Its not all about looks though as the KD-220BC feels fantastic to play and was designed to feel like an authentic kick drum. Its certainly a good feeling product to play and the finish is pretty awesome. You can get this kick drum with the TD-50KVX drum kit which is the better deal as it replaces the KD-140BC in that kit. While both kick drums are very nice the KD-220BC has a better feel and it does look amazing on stage. 

  • Roland’s advanced kick trigger electronics installed in a 22-inch acoustic bass drum shell
  • High-quality, all-maple shell with custom chrome shell fittings
  • Incredible playing feel with Roland’s innovative air-damper mechanics, which work alongside the acoustic shell to ‘move air’
  • Stable and accurate triggering for single and double kick pedal work
  • Strong visual presence on stage when used with TD-50KV V-Drums
  • You can also modify your own kick drum or one we sell with the KDA-22.

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