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Roland PD-140DS 14" Electronic Snare Drum


  • $739.99

The Roland PD-140DS is a new 14" digital V-drum snare for 2016. Finally after several years of asking they have come out with one and its digital! I have played this drum while connected to the TD-50 module and it is really impressive. Its a groundbreaking improvement over past electronic snare drums. I cannot even tell you how much better it is you have to try one for yourself. If you buy from us you will get an awesome price, free shipping, and great support from Edrumcenter on the PD-140DS. The TD-50 module is required to use this drum. Feel free to contact us with questions. 

  • 3-ply mesh head (Floating mid-layer structure)
  • Head shot (High resolution positional detection, Wide dynamic range)
  • Rim shot (Depth detection, Wide dynamic range)
  • Cross stick (Automatic switching)
  • Brush sweep
  • Multi element sensor system
  • Head sensor
  • Position sensors x 3
  • Rim sensor
  • Cross stick sensors x 3
  • Built-in sensing processor
  • DIGITAL TRIGGER OUT plug (compatible with Roland TD-50 )

The PD-140DS Comes with:

  • Owner's manual
  • USB Connection cable
  • Drum key

It weighs about 10 lbs so a sturdy snare stand is recommended. 

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