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Roland PDX-12 12" Electronic V-Drum -

Roland PDX-12 12" Electronic V-Drum


  • $219.99

The Roland PDX-12 V-Drum is a 12 inch dual trigger electronic drum. It uses Roland's now legendary quiet, long lasting mesh heads. You can still use a drum key to adjust tension to however you want as well like previous models. The height of the snare hoop is much closer to that of an acoustic snare so you can hit an open rim shot with a natural stick angle. High quality materials and newly designed hoop rubber offer the authentic feel of hitting a rim. Independent sensors assign different sounds to the head and rim. This is a compact 12" V-Drum snare that sells for a low price. Get yours on order with Edrumcenter today. 

  • Large 12-inch Vdrum pad
  • 2-ply mesh head is tension adjustable 
  • Low-height top hoop, similar to acoustic snare
  • Detects head shots and rim shots independently - dual trigger pad
  • Can be mounted to traditional snare/tom stands and compatible tom holders



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