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Roland VH-10 Electronic Hi Hat -

Roland VH-10 Electronic Hi Hat


  • $299.99

The new Roland VH-10 is an electronic hi hat. The most affordable version of the type of electronic hi hat that can be used on an everyday hi hat stand Roland has ever come out with. The VH-10 provides the same playing feel as an acoustic hi-hat with natural rebound feel and swinging motion of the hi-hat cymbal according to Roland. The depth at which you advance the pedal of the hi-hat stand smoothly varies the tonal character from open to closed. You can play half-closed and do foot splashes as well. The VH-10 allows you to express the tonal change that occurs when you strike the hi-hat in the closed state before immediately opening it. You can even differentiate between strikes on the bow and edge of the cymbal too. The VH-10 seems like a good update to us at Edrumcenter. Might be time to upgrade your hi hat. 

  • Light-weight cymbal, perfect for foot splash techniques and quick pedal control
  • Very playable
  • Differentiate between strikes on the bow and edge
  • Striking surface uses rubber for silencing so still quiet like past Roland cymbals
  • Can be mounted on a traditional acoustic hi-hat stand
  • Affordable price

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