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Yamaha DSR115 Powered Speaker


  • $999.99

No longer made see Yamaha DZR15 

The Yamaha DSR115 is a beast of a speaker. Bucking the trend for lightweight but sub-par sound quality boxes flooding the market Yamaha went the different direction. They bought an existing sound company called NEXO. NEXO had been well known in Europe for great sounding but very expensive concert loudspeakers. So with the DSR series what Yamaha did is basically use those same designs but combining the purchasing power of Yamaha, the R+D of Yamaha and NEXO, and a brave strategy to not follow but lead in sound and build quality. The Yamaha DSR115 is louder, better sounding than most any other speaker in its price range. Not only that but its built to last very heavy duty inside and out. Redundant power supply's keep the show going as long as possible.

  • 1000 watts of clean digital power 
  • High End Speaker 
  • Great Sound and Build Quality 
  • 15" LF driver for great low end
  • Great for Edrum Monitor 




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