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Setup Tips for the Pearl Mimic Pro and the ATV ADH-14 Hi Hat

We finally got to pair the Pearl Mimic Pro with the ATV ADH-14 hi hat for the first time yesterday. The Mimic has been a hot seller and we have been selling out basically since we first started getting them in last year. Our plan was to keep one to try out extensively and integrate into our research kit. Both to test out new products and do tech support and product research. The more time behind the kit the better now that we have a new larger space to set up products.

So anyway to the test. We had a customer ask a question about the Mimic and ATV Hi Hat that we had not seen a solution to so we hooked them up to see if we could replicate the problem. The initial hookup is easy if you have ever hooked up a Roland VH-12 or VH-13 they are very similar in how they look because they all have two pieces top and bottom. One thing to note is you use the "edge" input on the top hi hat of the ATV cymbal. Also make sure you plug the hi hats into the Hi hat connector of the Mimic Pro like in the image. Cables are not included with ATV cymbals so we used CSS-105R's which we keep in stock for people that need them. Note we were using a Mimic Pro with version 1.07 software. If your is not up to date we strongly urge you to do that before you do anything else. 



You then need to make sure to turn your ATV hi hat one and its plugged in. It should look like this. 



Once that is done you go through the setup as laid out in the Pearl Mimic Online Manual. We set it to VH-11 for it to work properly. Once that was done it was ready to start playing. Its very sensitive and feels great while playing it. Having just the VH-11 on our research kit I can tell you that this is an upgrade from the VH-11 for sure. Another thing to mention is that ATV says not to remove the clutch on the ATV hi hat. Its calibrated from the factory to work with the optical sensor. Taking it off and reassembling incorrectly might make it very hard to get back into the correct place. Have this setup? Leave a comment and share your wisdom with other users.