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Pearl Mimic Pro

Posted by Erik Hamm on

I was lucky enough to see the prototype of the Pearl Mimic-Pro at Winter NAMM 2017. I talked to Raymond about the features and and watched him play on it listened to it. I asked to play on it but they were not letting anyone get any hands on it but Pearl employees. I did find out it works with Roland, Yamaha, and Pearl triggers for sure as all were hooked up to the Mimic-Pro on the demo kit. The dynamics seemed good on everything. The sounds were good. Just at a glance the interface seemed to make sense but I don't know what all you can do with the touch screen and how good the screen is. I was told they would start shipping in March but that has now been pushed back. 

May 10th Update: We are taking pre-orders on Mimic Pro with no money down. We are willing to match or beat prices to get your business. They word is they may start shipping later in May or in June. 

May 16th Update: I just heard from Pearl that we will be getting some Mimic Pro's this month ( May ). 

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