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Roland TD-50 and ATV ADH-14 Hi Hat Setup Guide

This is a setup guide for the Roland TD-50 and the ATV ADH-14 hi hat. We didn't see anywhere where someone had done a good guide to the setup on this common pairing. The Roland TD-50 is a great module and one we have had setup on our research kit for about a year now. The ATV hi hats have been selling great but we have not had time to leave them on the research kits as sell through has been so brisk. The Roland TD-50 is on version 1.07 for this guide. First of all you need to set up your ATV hi hat on your hi hat stand and get it plugged in and turned on. You must turn it on so the lights are showing where you plug in the HH control cable.



Then go into your TD-50 module and hit the trigger button in the top right area of the module. Then you hit the hi hat and select VH-13 for trigger type unless its already selected. 



Once you do that you then hit F4 to edit the hi hat. Loosen the clutch of your hi hat and then click the F5 button to set the hi hat offset. Once you do that it will optimize the hi hat for your hi hat stand.



After that try it out to see how its levels are. I raised the sensitivity by hitting F3 button to about 14 to get it to be where I wanted it. Make sure your hi hat level slider is set on the center line when you do this. That way you can raise or lower it with the slider at the correct sensitivity level.



Once this is done that is all you should need to do to start enjoying it. Have fun playing!