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Roland VH-10 Unboxing and First Impressions

We got our first shipment of VH-10's in a few days ago and got a chance to unbox one today and hook it up to our TD-50K Custom kit. It looks and feels a lot like the VH-11 that was already on the kit but once we got it hooked up it feels and performs a lot better. The feel is a lot more authentic to a metal hi hat when you are playing it which I could tell right away. The VH-11 is fine but its a bit stiffer is the best way to describe it. Without changing any settings at all it is obviously more responsive than the VH-11. The open close sound with just your foot comes through a lot easier and it picked up everything I did with sticks with no issues. The VH-11 will now be sold off and the VH-10 will stay on our research kit going forward. It took just minutes to swap them out so if you have an older Roland hi hat like the CY-5 or CY-12C and want to upgrade your hi hat we really recommend the VH-10. It should work fine with VH-11 settings on your module and Roland will probably patch it in as a hi hat type on current models like the TD-50 and TD-25 soon.