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Efnote 3 Electronic Drum Kit

Efnote 3 Electronic Drum Kit


  • $1,999.00

Edrumcenter is expecting it's first demo kit soon and may be able to ship some kits by December 2020. 

The Efnote 3 is a new drum kit for 2020. The Efnote module uses real drum samples and the Efnote pads and cymbals are designed to be sensitive responsive to the drummer with the lowest amount of latency possible.  

Specs & Features:

• Tru-Aco Stereo Sampled Sounds

• Tuning/Muffling/EQ and Sensitivity/Threshold/Curve for Each Pad

• “Virtual Pad” Function for Sound Layering

• Quick Pad Level Adjustment in Mixing Window

• Multi-Track USB Audio Recording for Mac/PC (ASIO)

• Low Profile Touchscreen Module

• 8 Channel USB audio output

• Multi-Track MIDI and USB-MIDI IN/OUT

• Flexible I/O Routing with GUI

• Individual Click Output

• Set List Function for Live Performance

• Various Training &Analyzing Functions

• Internal Record/Playback Function

• Metronome with On-Board Speaker Drum Interface:

• 3 Zone Snare, Ride, Crash

• 2 Zone Tom 1/2/3/4, Hi-Hat, Crashes

• 1 Zone Kick Audio/MIDI:

• Line (1/2) Output (2xTS)

• Phones (3/4) Output (Stereo Mini) Audio Input (Stereo Mini)

• USB 8-ch Audio Output

• USB 2-ch Audio Input


• Bluetooth Audio Input

• Bluetooth MIDI In/Out

• MIDI Output (5-pin)

Here is a virtual Clinic Efnote did that should give you a better idea of how they look and sound in use. 

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