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New Roland TD-17 ,TD-17L, TD-17KV, TD-17KVX, PDX-12, VH-10, and KD-10 edrum products from Roland

Wow so that's is a lot of new products from Roland. A lot of us saw this one coming for awhile the TD-11 had been out awhile and needed an update. We saw these at NAMM 2017 but could not talk about them until now. It's been hard keeping the secret!

So the TD-17 is obviously the new drum module from Roland to replace the TD-11. It gets it sounds from the TD-50 engine and it says you can edit the sounds but not sure how far you can go at this time until we get your hands on it. Roland has said it will be like the TD-25 in that the kits will be great out of the box. Time was taken to really dial in some useful kits for the everyday drummer. You can also load and playback samples with this module. You can either use just the sample or you can layer it with internal sounds. So at $599.99 MAP this module can play sampled sounds. Contact us now to get yours on order. Anyone with an older module just got an excuse to upgrade. We can also see customers with TD-50's or TD-30's adding this module as a second module to expand inputs and playback samples. Of course you have to mention the Bluetooth. It has it in it so you can stream music straight from your smartphone We plan to get our hands on one as soon as we can to check it out and see how it triggers etc. This seems like a great addition to the Vdrums lineup and the price is great for what it can do. 

Roland also came out with kits which include the new module and some new pads as well. The TD-17KL, the TD-17KV, and the TD-17KVX. The TD-11KL and TD-11KV are shipping now. The TD-17KVX is shipping in early June. 

Roland also came out with a new snare/tom the PDX-12, a new hi hat the VH-10, and a new KD-10 kick pad. These are all shipping in late May or early June as well. 

Updated: 5-15-18

Late in the live stream Roland introduced a few new electronic kick drums. The KD-180 and the KD-220BC. They also introduced two new V-Drum kits using these kick drums. The TD-25KVX and the TD-50KVX. Edrumcenter plans on integrating these kick drums into other kits as well.