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TD-50K and TD-50KV - The Differences

Confused as to what kit has what? 



This is a comparison of the Roland TD-50K and TD-50KV.  The TD-50 module, PD-140DS snare, and CY-18DR Ride are included in both kits. Since these are the newest and coolest new products Roland is making its a great deal to include them in both kits. Now to the differences. The hi hat is a VH-11 instead of a VH-13. It would be nice to have the VH-13 and if that is what you are after let me know and I'll swap them out and create a custom kit for you for a great deal. Both hi hats work great but the VH-13 has better open/close dynamics and a more authentic feel to it due to it having a top and bottom cymbal. The toms are 10" PDX-100's which you will notice are shallower and smaller than the toms that come with the KV kit. The KV comes with deeper and larger toms and you can also change the shell wraps out on these drums which you can't do on PDX-100's. The kick drum is a 12" on the "K" kit as opposed to the 14" KD-140-BC that comes with the "KV" kit. The size isn't the only difference on the kick drums either. The mount system, legs, and overall feel of the KD-140 is significantly better. It looks a lot better on stage as well. The crash cymbals are slightly smaller on the TD-50K as well being 12" and 13" as opposed to 14" on the KV. All are chokable and the size difference isn't the only story. The CY-14C's are a little heavier feeling as well. The last difference is the rack. The TD-50K comes with a smaller, lighter weight Black rack. The clamps are not quite as heavy duty but they are still good quality. The clamps are Black on the K and Chrome on the KV. The other difference is the cables are Black on the K and Silver on the KV. I hope this helps you understand the differences between the two kits. Any other questions let us know.

Updated 7-25-16